Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cookbook Tuesday

I did a little rearranging on the bookshelves to accommodate some new acquisitions from Christmas and new subscriptions.  I also love merchandising stuff, especially things I stare at everyday.  This is my favorite cubby/shelve. Here, some of my cookbooks live and some random brick a brac that I love. 

 This is my independent press shelve aka my food porn shelf.  See that ice cream scoop? He's still looking for a good home! 

I love cookbooks and I hope Cookbook Tuesday inspires people to go out and get printed books which will in turn inspire you to cook!  I could probably find all the recipes in all of my books on the Internet but I really do love having something tangeble. I know they take up space and it is a bitch to move, but I'm a bit of a romantic I guess.  I love holding them and making notes in the margins.  

Today's book is called Pickles, Pigs and Whiskey by John Currence.  The book is broken up by technique like boiling, pickling/canning, and roasting for example. I love this book because I too love pickles, pigs and whiskey.  This book has also fueled my desire to want to make things that are usually purchased as a finished product, like duck prosciutto.

But first I need a cold smoker...Gotta look deep into this DIY.

And sausage in a casing. In this case, it is a whole meal stuffed into a stomach liner.
I really want to learn how to make these guys.  I am running out of one that I got at Trader Joe's and I haven't seen it since. 

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