Friday, February 13, 2015

Every February You'll Be My Valentine.

I'm not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day. It's not really a big food holiday and it's not the best candy either. Making a reservation for a prefix meal isn't my idea of romance.  But, if you are in need of some Valentine's cards and you and your lover love food, I've found the most perfect ones for you!  

Yeah, I love it when you explain things more than they need to be. This could have just stopped at "hot tip." 

Because I say that things are my "jam" all the time. 
Find it here!

It's weird that a sausage is basically committing murder.  It must be love.  I watch enough Dateline to know. 

More vintage goodies here. Other vintage ones here.


We don't do much for VD, I do however remember our first Valentine's meal, because I'm weird like that.  It was BBQ seared ahi tuna with asparagus. It was all I could ever ask for. Cooking food is very intimate and I hope that you cook from your loved one.  If VD ain't your thing? A group of friends for Palentines! 

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