Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

Welcome to This Week in SnackChat!  If this is your first rodeo,  I take screencaps of SnapChats that my friends send of food.  You too can Snap at me: log_lady

The title snap is one that I sent out.  It is what I like to file under sexy vegetables that make me uncomfortable.  I mean look at them?  They are NSFW veggies.

Thank God it's not a pan full of the white ones.  Do you think the green asparagus get a little jealous of the white ones? I mean they are a bit bigger... Okay I'll stop.

The perfect summer treat. 

Hi, can I get the guac on the side?

No poblano! 

This was voted the best Bloody Mary in Long Beach.  You can say it's the Queen of Bloody Mary's in Long Beach.  Someone needs to dethrone them.

That's a lot of greens on that pizza.

These are starting to become my favorite SnackChats. 


Apple puree aka a fancy name for applesauce. #applesausebitch  

More asparagus! Tis the season for smelly pee I guess.  

A #desklunch classic. 

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