Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chasing Winter

So this is the first post of the new year! How exciting right? No? Okay.

My Xmas can be summed up in one word, ham.  I went ham on ham. I probably ate a whole one.  Ham and rice is my favorite thing in the world and no wisdom teeth holes were going to stop me.  Then there is my dad's bbq and tri-tip.  Don't get me started. Then the usual, pancit and lumpia.  I've always wondered why my mom's pancit was better than everyone else's but at this point I've stopped questioning and accepted it as is.

I spent the last days of 2015 with some of the GREATEST PEOPLE EVER in Lake Tahoe. We spent a good amount of time in the tangible cold.  You know snow on the ground and  icicles as big as me hanging from roofs ready to kill anything that disturbs it.  You know, the cold that freezes part of Lake Tahoe so much so that you can walk it on it. We also sledded in Squaw Valley.  We'll my friends did.  I had a pretty traumatic sledding experience a long time ago and I still can't shake that fear.  I went down the hill a few time though.

With that a new year, begins.  I don't do resolutions, rather, this is the year I's.  Like, this is the year I write more.  Or, This is the year I take a calligraphy class and a fermenting class.  This is the year I write more recipes.   There are lots of other things but I'll move on.

It was a nice holiday break and totally different from last year.  It gave me time to think about a of things, especially this blog.  I have a lot of ideas and this is the year they will come to fruition!

What will happen in 2016?  Who knows, but it should be a doozie!  I look forward to it!

Onward to 2016!  

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