Thursday, December 31, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

The Xmas has came and went! Time to pack up your ugly sweaters and eat all you can before you start eating healthy-ish again. 

This is the last This Week in SnackChat till the New Year.  So, maybe as a new year resolution, maybe think about sending Eizelle Eats Out more SnackChats! 

SnackChat me: log.lady

See y'all in he New Year! 

Palms sweaty...

Wait that's not dinner?

Best business model ever, the street dawg cart.  Low start up, low overhead,  no pesky annual visits from the health department.

A true test of class.

It's the best container ever! I know this because I bought it!

I guess this is true class. 

The TMNT would never want to eat THAT specific pizza.  They strike me as a Pizza x 2 kinda turtle.

But it looks like a pancake. 

P-U-PUSAS in the USA! 

Pupusas are going to be the new hotness.

More pho puns in 2016!!

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