Friday, January 22, 2016

This Week in SnackChat

I'm starting off my This Week in SnackChat with a bit of a rant. I hate it when they have a cartoon pig on a pack of bacon.  To me, its disrespectful and rude. It is one thing with animals, but who knew that fruits and veggies had the same heart.  This coconut is selling out its own kind! Your coconut friend has a fucking straw in its face and you are selling it for human consumption!?! Don't think you are in the clear Charlie Tuna, because you are not! Vegetables and fruits, you guys think you're so cool. But you are all the same.  If given the opportunity, you too would sell out your friends.

**end rant**

Okay so, it's thankfully the end of another week and we all seem to have made it.  I'm off the Arizona so we will see what that has in store...till then, enjoy Snackchatting!

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When I eat Macha Kit Kats, I hear God telling me that everything is okay, and to, "Break me off a piece of that would ya?''  

It's so tasty too? It sounds like what horses eat. 


Now I wonder what kind of night it was.

Basically Trois Familia right?!?

The BEST party favors ever! Where was my invite?

More food= more left overs.

You're a short rib.

German Potato Salad > American Potato Salad.  I don't care, come at me! 

It's like a Magic Eye.  If you look at it hard enough, then you can see it.

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