Friday, January 8, 2016

This Week in SnackChat: The New Year

We made it! Back to the beginning of the year.  We all hit the restart button and maybe set goals and resolutions to better ourselves.   It is also the time to say fuck that noise and stumble into the New Year with a "New year, new beer" mentality. That does not make that much sense but I hae a really short window to use that. 

From what I gather form the SnackChats I received this past week, is that you are all making an effort to better yourself! 

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There is green on that plate so yes, it's healthy! 

Red wine is healthy.

Fetus water has to be healthy.  

Okay now you're really testing me.

Really probably healthy.

They are na-cho nachos so don't eat them.

Starting off the year right I guess.

Great use of leftovers.

Good spot by the server. 

But some chicken legs and wings.  Totally healthy. 

Alright, Sam I am.  

First salad of the year! 

Frist pho pun of the year! 

More bad puns!  This year is starting off great! 

You should be.  I love Pressed Juicery!

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