Friday, June 19, 2015

This Week in SnackChat!

Oh hello there friends!  How's about we take a little stroll into the SnackChats this week shall we?  It's a big post guys! So hold on to your butts. Or shall I say, hold on to your burritos?  There were a lot of burritos this time around.

Still think it says dong.

That's pretty impressive for left overs.  Not impressive, the dining ware.

#murica #thisishowigetmydadbod 

Someone documented the first time trying crack.  Congratulations, you've officially tasted the Best Wings in Long Beach.  Don't worry, there will be a whole post about them!

Don't get it twisted. 

Looks tasty. 

I hate it when restaurants call it chicken fried steak. This would be called chicken fried chicken.

Is that a side of hockey pucks?

Now I want a burrito.

Maybe tacos?

Talk dirty to me.

Brown rice?  That's not real.

SECRET MENU ALERT! I guess they make this at EJs! 

Kinky.  This is the SnackChat noodie equivalent.

send me a dirty pic
*picture of wet burrito*
 dang, have you been working out? show me more
*picture of chips and salsa

That's a lot of liver.  Its like the guy from the X-Files that eats livers every 15 years.

More burritos. This is like the mirror butt selfie.  See because it's the burrito butt.

More not real rice.   


There are three countries just in one picture.

Tanning bed?  Back an tan? what does it all mean?

Not like that other bullshit bagged salad that has not real bacon.  How old do you think that parmesan is tho? 

Back to talking dirty again are we?

I would do anything for love, but I won't do that. 

Office berries.

Is that a magazine?

Are you serving a child?

That's a meal! 


Looks like mushrooms and no steak.

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