Friday, June 12, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

I fully take the blame on posting these SnackChats late because I don't like to blame things on Mercury being in retrograde. But if you wanted to know, Mercury is out of retrograde as of yesterday.  So here I am posting a catch up!

Hi from Yosemite!

Bitch is a term of endearment really. 

Sad life. I would rather drink sugar free gummy bear vodka and see what happens.  

That's the truth.  My order of choice: medium, medium extra crispy.  Sierra Nevada.

Snack of choice.  Dipped in garlic and chili infused vinegar.  

But can you smoke it.

Friends who have snacks are always friends of mine.

Food is food and it all ends up in the same place. 

That's a lot of slaw!

I can't wait for Jurassic World! 

I feel loved! 

Those looks too fancy to eat. 

Comfort food.

805 true.

Mediterranean food is so hot right now.

It's not that bad!

Who's sammie? 

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