Thursday, June 18, 2015

Eating out Fishing With Dynamite

There are some days where you feel good and that nothing can get in your way.  You got a great parking spot that had money it and it wasn't far from where you needed to be.  But then you lose your wallet. Then it feels like the world has just collectively taking a fat shit on your chest.

Yes, that happened.  The world took a shit on my chest.  I can point to the exact moment too. When the bartender at MB Post asked to see my ID after I ordered my favorite drink, the Manhattan Avenue.  I reach in my purse and BOOM! No wallet, no drink. GUHH!!!! But I didn't let that get me down.  Since I was with a friend, I was able to Venmo her the money.  I was convinced that I left it at home. But still no Manhattan Avenue.

We had a late reservation for Fishing with Dynamite, so we met early at MB Post. I had a freak out moment, and it was not when I realized that my wallet was missing.  It was when I was on my way out of MB Post and the person holding the door for me was David Lefevre. Mr, MB Post, Fishing with Dynamite and the new Arthur J, himself.  I was very star struck.

I mean how can you not be when your restaurants serve these Purvian Scallops. They are beautiful and so clean and fresh that it was ridiculous. I mean look that them!

No, really look at them! It is like looking at jewelry but you get to eat it.

OYSTER TOWER! All from the colder waters north of here. Some more meaty than others but all still really refreshing and damn good.  I wasn't craving them, but when you eat at FwD, you get oysters.

We also ordered the 24th Street Pale Ale Battered Cod and the Grilled Sword Squid. I loved the squid with the eggplant puree.  I could probably eat that everyday. But I won't because you know sustainability.

This is my second time eating here and I love it! The menu is always just a little different and the food really got my mind off of losing my wallet.  I loved the company I was with, the service and the people watching were excellent. Get the Original Gangster that is off the cocktail menu now but trust me. Its like a boulevardier but with Aperol  instead of Campari. It's a cocktail made just for me.

I lost my wallet it somewhere in Manhattan Beach because it was not at my house. So. Bummed.

 Cut to the next day and I get a call from the Bank of America and BOOM someone found it! Thank you kind person! After the fact that I cancelled my card and got an appointment for a replacement driver licence.  But we are all back together again!

Gotcha Bitch! 

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