Thursday, November 20, 2014

This Week in SnackChat

Welcome to This Week in SnackChat. This week, my friends pretty much ate pizza, burgers and tacos.  Gearing up for the Thxgvng holiday.

The power of zza is strong with this one!

Scrimp tacos 

Are those chips in that burger or sandwich? I applaud you. 

You've been warned! Go fourth and partake! 

It's like chips in your sandwich. 


Breakfast tacos will never live up to its counter part, the breakfast burrito.  But A for effort. 

I feel that the Thxgvng sandwich is going to be the new pumpkin spice latte. Just like the latte, you can order it any other time of the year.  Some how the crisp fall air compels people to order it only during October and November.  

Snacks that look like mini burgers are the best.  It's like you're eating ten mini meals just sweeter.

I feel in Thailand there are two schools of thought. One is Singha the other is Changs. I tried both and to me, it was clear that I am in the Singha school of thought. Crisp and refreshing. Until I went to PokPok in Portland and had the Changs Slush and my mind was blown.  Changs is best enjoyed with ice and when it is in shushie form it's a next level that is best described as a drunk brain freeze.

When fast food companies hit their target audience. 

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