Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cookbook Tuesday: Thxgvng Edition

You might be looking at me and thinking, "Dude, a grocery store pamphlet about Thanksgiving? That's not a cookbook!" Well, to me it is. It was my guide to my very first Thanksgiving. Well, the first Thanksgiving I didn't go home.  I was in Portland. I had a dog,  a cat and we shared this meal with friends and family.  It is one of my favorites to date. It was all ours.  We had so much fun making the food and setting up the apartment. We even had an appropriate fire going in the fire place.

This guide to building stuffing is the best. It is a Chose Your Own Adventure style recipe.  It has never failed me. 

I followed this recipe for the Turkey.  From the brining to to the temperature, at least what I thought the temperature was in my little electric stove oven combo could do. I also didn't use stuffing for my bird. I stuffed lemons,an apple, celery, onion, and some carrots in every oriface.  I also rubbed it down inside, outside and under the skin with herbs and butter.  It was perfect. 


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