Friday, November 7, 2014

Eating Out Portland

Eizelle Eats Out PDX
Portland holds a soft spot in my heart.  It is the first and only state I lived in other than California. I was 25 with my boyfriend at the time, now husband, and my best friend. Since moving back, we try to make it out there about two times a year.

This year it was Anissa's #30, so it was pretty special this time around. Unlike my #30, she didn't puke the bed, but like mine, I made food.  Brunch to be exact. 
Ooo I forgot I made a bacon scallion ricotta too! 

The finished plate! 

The brunch spread. Can't forget the booze!  

Because Revolutionary War themed bars are the new hunter's lodge theme bar.  The food here is pretty legit and they have free pool! Oh and a flat screen Big Buck Hunter! Oh and  a photo booth! Oh and a World Cup pinball machine!  Legit cocktails and bartenders but they did't know how to make Washington apple shots. This bar used to be called Madison.  Bus simply remove a vowel and you have Mad Sons. 

Portland Airport started featuring carts and one of them is Pok Pok wing.  We ordered the wings and one of each buns. I really wanted the drinking vinegar but it was outside of security so getting some of those back home is a no go. 

Snaps on the packaging!  The best airport meal ever!  

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