Thursday, November 6, 2014

This Week in SnackChat feels good to get over that hump of Wednesday and to slide into This Week in SnackChat.  I start with a SnackChat I Snapped out to my friends.  After a long week of eating out, I needed something homemade and fresh.

To me Halloween is candy, it's a little messy throwing these things into candy bags.  You can say it is a trick and treat all in one.

This is Halloween! Look at that squirrel, it's all like, "Hey, Mr. Goodbar, give me yo nuts?"

From healthy to unhealthy. Sometimes you gotta do the Dew.  So I love the Mountain Dew Twitter. It's like they know their customer and they are gently whispering in their ears, "Hey, I know you game/skate/love Hot Pockets bro, you need to fuel up with the Dew. "

I miss you Linda!

Dang indeed.  Is that a chicken fried steak?

Heaven indeed. It's not heaven when you think you've washed your hands thoroughly and then you take your contacts out and your eyes burn.

 I'm a sucker for homemade SnackChats. 

The beginning of the week was feeling like Fall.  The air is crisp, when the sun is not out. It makes me sad that I was in Portland the it rained in Long Beach. I mean, I wasn't sad because I was in Portland and I cry every time I leave. But rain in Southern California is like a unicorn. I missed the unicorn and hopefully I can see it soon. 

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