Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cookbook Tuesday: Le Pigeon

It's back! Cookbook Tuesday is back! The day I show off the books that are sitting on my shelves.  Today's book is Le Pigeon: Cooking at the Dirty Bird. Yes, another book from another restaurant from Portland. You should know me by now.

One of my earliest memories was being babysat by my God other's mother, my God grandmother.  I would play in the backyard all morning.  They had a sweet playhouse and a coup full of pigeons that I thought were pets.  I would feed them twice a day and run my fingers through the holes of the fence in hopes to try to pet one of the birds.  Most of the time I had to try to avoid them pecking me. It was fun.  As a child I didn't think much of it. My next door neighbors had pet chickens and I had a dog. People have weird pets.  I'm Filipino, so to me, this was kinda normal. 

Fast forward 20 years and I'm talking with my mom and I brought up the pigeons at my God mother's house. 

Me: Isn't it weird that Ninang (the Filipino word for God Mother) had pet pigeons?
Mom: Those weren't pets!
Me: What?
Mom: Have you ever eaten chicken at Ninang's house.
Me: Probably,
Mom: That wasn't chicken.

Well shit.  My friends turned out to be my meal.  

I guess you can say the same for many of the recipes in this book.  A whole section is devoted to rabbit.  I love how cute rabbits are, but they are pretty tasty.  They also make for warm, itchy sweaters. 

 While I haven't made anything from the book just yet, I have eaten here.  It was wonderful.

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