Monday, December 7, 2015

Wisdom Teeth

Finally!  They are out of my mouth.  Most people get one, two or all removed at like 18, but I let all four of mine just live in my mouth till now.  I guess it's been too long because they have been pushing my other teeth around and creating havoc for my overall dental heath.  They were not giving me problems, but I got the message.  My dentist gives me a new referral for oral surgery after every visit.

So I got them out. It wasn't too bad and I think for the most part kept myself together.  I also got to keep them.  The worst part is not the pain after, but it is all the things that you cannot eat after the surgery. For a week after, it's just soft foods aka baby food and nothing fizzy, so no beer. Which I am fine with. Shane made a really good mashed potatoes and had the foresight to roast an acorn squash. I was able to turn that into a soup and together they make a good meal. But for a whole month my do not eat list includes, rice, oatmeal, anything with seeds, no spicy food, nuts, and chips. WTF!?!  For someone who has lived their whole life on rice this is a major blow, especially with the Holidays and ham.  My favorite snack is cold ham and cold rice and knowing that I will have to pass on the rice is killing the little fat Filipino girl spirit animal in me.  

So here is the picture of what I've been eating.  Scrambled eggs, acorn squash soup, and mashed potatoes.  Trying to squeeze as much nutrition as possible into what I actually can eat.  I've also been juicing all the fruits and veggies I can.  

PS, is this normal guys?  This is where the IV was inserted. 

 Since being on this new "diet" my body has since gone into survival mode.  I have also made up a list of everything I want to eat this moment.

  1. EJs Wings with a Beer. I've been the EJs twice this weekend and it was basically torture. 
  2. Kimchee and rice
  3. Meat 
  4. Oranges and apples
In the end it will be worth all the trouble. Right? TELL ME IT"S GOING TO BE OKAY! 

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