Friday, December 11, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

Your huddled SnapChats yearning to be free, The hungry refuse of your SnackChats bore. Send these, the burgers, tacos-tossed to me mouth, I lift my phone to screenshot yours.

This Week in SnackChat rolling on through December! 

This week, we had some new friends in the mix. Welcome and thank you for the SnackChats! Keep them coming!  Snap at me: log.lady

Beer is a totally approved snack of choice.

This is class case of FOMO.  

Guh, the avocado kills it.

Its basically sushi death by avocado.

(I'm allergic to avocado)

It's the same reasoning behind eating hot soup on a hot day.  

You're a stuffed poblano pepper.

I'm trying to write a condom joke but I'm coming up short. 

But what about the leftovers?  It's 2 meals for the price of one.

Name dropped so hard.

The food goes in your mouth. 

Avocado killed a hot dog.

You can take the girl away from Portland, but you can't take the Portland away from the girl.  Don't eat too many of those persimmons tho.

Zaa game

I am all for the taco emoji, but what about soft shell taco emojis? 

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