Friday, May 22, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

It's Memorial Day weekend folks! Let all raise a glass and remember the people who fought to protect us. It is also a three day weekend, so let's get this party started.  

What better way to get this party started by making the drive out to Vegas.  The only Del Taco with with a regional taco.

In the wrong lighting it looks like Poo burger. 

And get one on the way back.

It's like a packaged croissant right?

My favorite part was blowing out and the gum powder would get all over the place.  Just like real cigarettes.The gum was so bad tho!

It's like a trip to the Mediterranean 

It's like another trip to the Mediterranean but really it's from the same place. 

A healthy SnackChat.

Screen cap fail.  These happen from time to time.

A potato a day keeps the doctor away.

I don't know how I feels about this one.

These are the kind of tacos I can get behind.
Tacos have no boundaries.

Tacos at the same time everyday!

Bonus SnackChat from moi. 

It is a giant Xio Long Bao!  You needed a straw to drink it.  Post 13 mile hike. 

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