Friday, May 15, 2015

Have Your Heard the Rhythms of the Night?

Just a quick update as it has been a hot minute.  We took a little vacay to Puerta Vallarta for a friends wedding.  It was beautiful and we had a blast.  There, the sun doesn't set till 8pm and because of this, I am about three shades darker.  Since the resort we stayed at was all inclusive we rarely had a memorable meal.  The most exciting part was that there was an unlimited supply of Pacifico with lime and that was really all that mattered.  In a dream scenario, I would be at the pool, lounging with a Pacifico sitting on the edge of the pool.  I would finish the last bits place it down, and magically a new one with lime would appear.  Good thing this really happened.

PS. These are the best pool snacks when peanut service isn't an option in your hotel. I wanted to buy them all!  It is crack. Think of Hot Cheetos but 10 times more addictive and 30 times better than the Flaming Hot Peanuts in America.

 In this resort, the food was merely the fuel to keep you from passing out completely.  Resort food, I am convinced is flavored for the rest of the world and Canadians. There was no seasoning in anything! I had to add extra lime and salt to salsa. SALSA! At that point it was just an undressed chopped tomato salad. To be fair, I did make a pretty interesting breakfast with black beans, whatever potato product was available, pork stew and a combination of the red and green salsa.  It was...satisfying.

We ventured out to downtown and had a local beer that was actually pretty good.  It was from Los Muertos Brewing.  It was a nice change of pace from all the Pacificos.  Here you can also get a slice of pizza, fries or a salad and a pint of craft beer for 60 pesos or $4 USD.

The best meal hands down were those to paletas in Saylutia. I ate the mango with chili and Shane had the watermelon.  It tasted like my childhood. With their powers combined, made for the BEST PALETA EVER! Saylutia is a surf town much like Venice.  Hippies, artists, and what not and very colorful. It is cute little city.

The flight home we experienced a 5 hour delay, all the food stands were closed in the terminal and they threw away all the good food on the plane. Also our last full meal was at 12pm Puerta Vallarta time and we landed at 12 am Puerta Varatra time. However, they were distributing free booze to numb the restless.  We got home safely but the hanger was real! In a desperate search for flavor and food we went the most perfect "first meal back in America meal." In-n-Out. There is nothing more perfect yet it is so simple. To us, it was a beacon of hope welcoming us home.


This was a regular hamburger with onions, extra lettuce and extra pickles.  I could have eaten ten of them. 

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