Thursday, May 21, 2015

Eizelle Eats Out Guide to the Best Of Long Beach: French Fries

Everyone seems to be doing lists and "best of" these days and almost always I disagree with the author and their reasoning. I shouldn't because it's not entirely the authors fault. Their fault lies in the categories they choose to feature and that they allow it to be an open forum for people to vote.  Don't get me wrong, I love Long Beach and all the people but you guys are totally wrong! 

Take, for example, the Best of Long Beach: Food and Drink 2014.  Hole Mole won the following categories:

 Best Non-Traditional Take on the Taco in Long Beach - for the Rosarito Taco
Best Lunch Special in Long Beach
Best Place to Cure the Midnight Munchies in Long Beach
Best Fast Food in Long Beach

Best Chain Restaurant in Long Beach

I don't trust most people's food opinions and this seals the deal for me. Everyone knows that the best chain in Long Beach is MVPs and the best place to cure the midnight munchies is Big Es because they deliver. 

I cannot sit in silence no more. I can't have lists and what not plaguing the Internet telling me what the "Best of insert city/state" is and not having my vote heard for the city I actually live in. My blog, my rules. 


That's right, the Pike.

I've had fries everywhere and I can confidently say these are indeed the best fries. They are made from real fucking potatoes!  I've seen the potato mountains. Hand cut fries that are a nice cross between a wedge and a semi-coin with the skins on. They all different sizes and shapes and to me it is the true taste of a potato. They are very crispy and very hot when they first come to you so give it a nice blow before you put one in your pie hole.  You can get them with Cajun seasoning but I like them regular, basic if you will. These fries are one of a kind and I have never had anything comparable to these fries. 

Not too many bars in Long Beach are afforded the opportunity to have full food service and beer and liquor. That is usually left to the big name restaurants and nobody actually wants to spend a night drinking at Applebee's. If you do, I'm fully judging you.  Best consumed at 12am while sitting at the bar on a weekend or on a Monday because it just feels right.  Yeah it's crowded, and when you leave you will smell like a deep fryer but you're sitting at the bar with a pint and a band or DJ is present. You can't hear the person sitting next to you and you are practically screaming at the bartender but you have the company of the best fries in Long Beach and sometimes that is all you need. 


Where are your favorite fries?

The Pike
1836 E. 4th St.
Long Beach, CA 90802

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