Thursday, December 18, 2014

This Week in SnackChat

After a little break,  This Week in SnackChat returns with vengeance. 

This week I start off with a little FOMO on your part. I went to Port in Long Beach and I got free ramen, beer and a mug. The best part the soy egg was perfect!  #coolpoint #FOMO 

Looks like a snack to me. 

Disneyland is stepping it's game up.  I am a fan of the classic but I welcome change. 

If you are ever in Fresh and Easy they will mark down their prepared food to $1 after 7pm.

I believe this is called Tom kha. 

you welcome! 

Do you Paleo Bro? 



Dats Racist. 

Talk to me when the hot dog is wrapped in bacon and then put in a burger. 



The Fuck! I don't know how I feel about this. 

MVPS is a legit burger spot. It is walking distance from my house and the fry portion is more than you will ever need.  Also the all you can eat pickled carrot bar. That is my jam.

This last SnackChat snuck in like a raccoon in the night. 

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