Monday, December 15, 2014

Eizelle Eats Out : The Outtakes

Just like drinking, I have these ideas for food posts.  Not a lot of them make it to actual posts and now I have this library of food photos.  I hoarded so many photos, I had to add a jump to the post.  A lot of them are of the Mr.

Mi Pizza Loca is the name of my zza restaurant. 

This is the perfect way to cook meat. Salt. Pepper. Butter. Rosemary. Garlic. Thyme. Cast iron. 

Eating Coolhaus ice cream bars in an ally is so LA. 

It was my little baby pheasant. 

Brussel Sprouts and Beer is what Whole Foods is all about. 

I make Spam Musubi.  Yes, that is my Christmas tree.

Shake Shack is no In n Out. Sorry. 

Brunch is for suckers. DIY bro! 

Who's birthday is it?

My popsicle is better that yours.

Farmers market finds. 

I love mussels. 

Oh you know, a pickle stuffed inside a hot dog and then battered and deep fried. 

Sometimes I feel like I get ticked into buying produce at the farmers market. I want to believe that chioggia beets are poison because they are too pretty. That eating the leafy tops of carrots will kill you.  

My first Brooklyn style pizza in Brooklyn.

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