Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cookbook Tuesday

This book came to me via my mother in-law.  A lot of my books come to me as gifts.  There are a select handful that I do purchase on my own.  This is not one of them.  This is, however, a fun book filled with recipes from iconic hotels and restaurants.   The Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes is divided by region and is fully illustrated.  Which, by now, you should know that I love illustrated cookbooks from the 1950.  

This map of the USA is everything! Look at the little pig! I want that tattooed on me. 

This is the only page in the book that I actually know. I stole a mug from Don the Beachcomber.  Make them think twice about charging $15 a drink. The Brown Derby doesn't exist anymore. I found this page because I was looking for a recipe of the Hot Brown.

How many Original Mexican Restaurants actually exist? Not too man actually, and this restaurant is still around.  I wish I could say this about other places in this book.

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