Monday, December 1, 2014

November Five Faves

Thanksgiving is over and we are barreling though into December. This Thanksgiving, we got Apple TV.  Now I can watch Sailor Moon Crystal on the tv versus watching it on the mini tv aka the iPad. We slowly heading into the future one YouTube cat video at a time. 

  Here are my five favorite things that I loved trolling on the internet this month.

Favorite Food Blog
 my name is yeh I probably say this for every one of my favorite food blogs, but I wish for my blog to eventually become something like this. Part DIY, part personal and part food documentor.  

Runner up Favorite Food Blog
So Delushious A food blog from model and person that I should be BFFs with, Chrissy Teigan.  It is well organized and for someone famous, it feels personal and is entertaining.   I guess that's why shes getting a show and a book deal. 

Favorite Recipe of the Month
Garlic Shrimp with White Beans It's fucking delish and an instant crowd pleaser. It is from Bon Appetit.  I have a ew found respect for publications like magazines and cook books.  There is a considerable amount of recipe testing that goes into. 

Favorite Podcast
Good Food on KCRW I listen to this while I am in the shower.  I feel I get too into it when I listen to this as I drive. I miss exits and run stop signs. It's pretty bad.  But not as bad as when I listen to Serial. 

 Favorite Instagram
@bestiadtla Not only is it quality food porn, but it is also very personal.  They share pictures of their family and the staff which is like family. They are located in DTLA and I hope one day to get around to eating there. 

A photo posted by Bestia Restaurant (@bestiadtla) on

Bonus Round Video! 

SnackChat of the Month
Congrats Erica! This is in reference to an inside joke that was made in Portland at the beginning of the month. Touche! 

Bring it on December! 

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