Friday, November 29, 2013

This Week in SnackChat

This weeks installment of This Week in SnapChat comes from two SnapChat friends.  When I say SnapChat friends, these aren't people that send me nudes, these are my actual friends and the don't send nudies...yet.  Between the videos of singing in our cars and views of our jobs they send me pictures of food.  The above picture is one that I sent out.  Oh Filipinos, this "favorite" is a bad word.

These SnackChats come from user tips1904.  Tastebuds get tired of Rolling Rock and PBR, so why not crack open a bottle of dat Dom. What I can also take is that my friends can't spell.

These SnackChats and the corresponding text message comes from chooch-o. Eating salads and hummus, getting back into shape.  Just in time for the holidays.

Yeah, I take screencaps.

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