Sunday, December 1, 2013

Eating Out Number Nine

It's getting cold out in Southern California.  When I say cold, I mean it's like 58 degrees.  It's great seeing people out in shorts with heavy jackets and a beanie. That is how you know it is really "winter" in SoCal.  

Saturday night was and impromptu ladies night with Chucho.  Usually, we go to Veggie Grill and catch a rom com. Being that it is "winter" in Long Beach, we decided to eat out some pho at Number Nine on 4th street.  Pho is my jam. It just makes me feel good.   Number Nine is a fancier pho spot.  It is a scene.  But the food is good and from time to time I like to eat pho out of square bowls. 

I went with the Melange, not very traditional. In place of tripe and beef balls are daikon and chicken breast chunks. In fact, Number Nine does not use tripe, intestines, or beef balls.  These are the parts I enjoy in pho but when I eat at Number Nine, since its fancy and all, I don't crave the entrails. 

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