Monday, March 28, 2016

This Week in SnackChat

 Hi! It been a hot minute! Well, I'm sorry for the lack of the updates, I started a new job and while I'm still trying to settle in, my blog has been taking feeling it.  Hard.  I'm super sorry and I promise, I will have more posts. Because I love you all.

You too can send me SnackChats.  Find me on Snapchat: log.lady

I take screenshots of snacks that are sent directly to me and not from stories.  That's too creepy guys. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Like my heart and not like the poop that resulted from this meal. It was probably green.

Questionable sauce.

If I ate this my poop fo sho would be green.

Jazz hands best describes this meal.

Second verse like the first. #lucilleslife

Looks like a cake pie.

Cannibalism at its best.

My life stops of EJ's Wings. It will probably also make my life stop if I continue to eat them on the regular.

It's healthy.

My love don't cast a thing.

EJs for the win.

It is!  I love sharing food.

Kinda weird.

Fuck your ad.

Meet me at the mall, it's going down.

looks good to me.

You buy lunch?

Is that a real glass? classy.

Eating octopus is so hot right now. 

Love me some chick and waffs.

Why you gotta ruin it with the sequel?

This gives me anxiety.

You just answered your own question.


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