Friday, March 11, 2016

This Week in SnackChat

I'm back!  Back in the good ole USA.  I spent the week in Hawaii Maui to be exact and boy it is good to be back in the US. What is that? Hawaii is a state in the Union? Well Fuck.  

All jokes aside, Hawaii did have a caucus while we were there and Trump indeed did win the 11 delegates.  Sad face.  Anyways, more on Maui later, but now here they are, your SnackChats!

I love the palata man/woman so much.  When I run in races, I want one to follow me around.  One to carry ice so I can stuff them into my sports bra. Two, I ALWAYS crave a goof fresh fruit paleta.

I always love a good zza emoji.

No zza emoji here.

This almost looks like something my mom made for us as a kid.  She was a big fan of canned corned beef. I didn't realize it now, but it is almost highly abnormal for people to eat canned corned beef on the regular. 

Maximum size of Reese's.  Approved.

Okay let's just take is slow snadwich.

Baby Dick.

I think those are chia seed or basil seeds.  Let keep this kinda PG-13 guys.

Meal in a chalice.


Not judging.

Those pickled onions tho.

When your food speaks to you.



Been here once. Lived in Long Beach almost like 13 years.  Let's pause, I moved here in 2003 it is now 2016.   The fuck! Anyways, been here once, too drunk to wait and we left.

Simple but great.

Souplantation is as real as it gets.

Baby got Bakke.

Oh hello, you have a fancy name. What are you?


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