Monday, August 24, 2015


Weekends are treasures.  We try to get out there and make the most of the two days we have off.  My weekends have consisted of long runs on Saturday mornings.  That means, no Friday night turn up.  I allow myself two beers and then a no later than midnight curfew.  I'm Cinderella.  But it's for own good.  I'm running or at least training for, haven't registered for, a full marathon. It's pretty daunting thinking about those miles, but in the end you really get to eat whatever you want to, if your body permits, of course.  The best part of the weekend is that I don't think about work, it's a very welcomed end to, what seems to be, a long work week.  It's the freakin' weekend, I'm about to have me some fun. 

Friday: Dinner at BCD Tofu House in Irvine.  SO. MUCH.FOOD! 

It was warm out and it was a long week. The Mr was out in Vegas and I didn't want to eat a salad or slices of cheese.  Because that's what my body did not need was more dairy.  I had yogurt for breakfast and ice cream with lunch.  I quickly remembered why I can't have a lot of dairy.

Shared: Bolgolgi. 
Ordered: Original, spicy Soon Tofu
Banchan: Small fried fish, kimchee, potato salad, fish cakes, gochujang- refilled by a lady walking around with a banchan cart. You know how people always say when they become rich that they want to wear a new pair of socks everyday?  I want a banchan lady to follow me around and just feed people. 

Nailed it!
But not really though...I took a lot of it home and fashioned some great left overs meal that fed me and Shane on Sunday and Monday. 

Saturday: Kihon

After a 18 mile long run in the morning, I napped. Then napped again.  I decided that I needed to move from the bed so I went and got ramen and some nigiri. I felt right.   The egg was perfectly soft cooked and the broth had a good flavor.  I also had the yellowtail and the Spanish Mackerel, my favorite.  I needed that.  I was starving come 6pm.  

At the bar a met a nice couple that live on the Naples Island.  It was all LB locals and it was great.  

I was going to head out to the local bar, but that meant walking there and a legit concern, I kid you not is that if I needed to run, I couldn't.  So I decided to drink Jameson and sparkling water at home and watch movies will 3am. #adultthings Is it #adultthings when one of the movies you watched was Katy Perry: Part of Me?  #katyperryfamily

Sunday, Shane made it back and after a 9am nap, and a lunch of my BCD Tofu leftovers, we headed out on the motorcycle San Diego.  We stopped in Normal Heights, my bother's old stomping grounds.  It is a cute neighborhood.  We got some coffee at Dark Horse and then some popsicles at Viva Pops.  Pictured is a guava passion fruit with coconut milk and Shane got the raspberry lemonade.  Perfectly refreshing after a long ride.  

I may have napped more than one should in one weekend, but it was totally worth it. I felt refreshed and my legs not hurting so much.  So it was a winning weekend!    

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