Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Too Hot to Cook

In an effort to keep the apartment kinda, to cool clear out the cabinets, ad make salads more exciting,  I've been adding grains and seeds like quinoa, barley and farro to my salads. I usually mix in a little fava bean pesto and then top with whatever vegetable we have in the fridge and what ever dressing I feel like I can't say it's an original idea because it is not. I check the Sqirl site daily for inspiration. My original idea comes from using the  assorted loose leaf teas I have.  Yes, I cook my grains in tea using the tea divers I have.  #thuglife #notthuglife 

Just bring whatever liquid you are using to a boil and then add the infuser for like 2-3 minutes.  You don't want to make the liquid bitter.

Here is one variation I made for a friends housewarming party (she's vegan):

farro and barley cooked in coconut green tea.  I just followed the packaged instructions and added a little salt. topped with sauteed shitito pepper in coconut oil, red leaf lettuce, cucumber, radish and macerated nectarine.  The dressing I made was a lime and soy sauce dressing. Toss that shit and boom as sweet and tart summer salad.  

Then I though, can I cook quinoa in my fancy rice cooker? Answer is yes, but I wanted to use chicken stock and a different tea.  So this time I used Earl Grey.  I steeped the tea in chicken stock and then added it to the rice cooker with the quinoa. Since I've been into ratios lately, the ratio for cooing quinoa is 2 part liquid to 1 part quinoa.  So 1 can, 16 oz cooks about 1 cup of dry quinoa. The result? A less earthy and more aromatic quinoa.

So now, my mind is spinning with what else I can cook with tea. Then I found a Salmon Poached in Jasmine Tea.  I will make this shit.  Till then, what do you do to keep cool this summer?

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