Monday, August 10, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

I should really call it this month in SnackChat. Sorry guys!  I promise to keep up, in the meantime keep them coming, and I will keep on posting.  T

Let's catch up shall we! This is actually the part 2 of the part one a month ago. Geeze! Sorry! here were too many pictures so proceed after the jump!

This size of that Pringles can is not conducive to a "Once you pop you can't stop" lifestyle.  Which is now my new life motto.  

Is this a Pintest post? 

Sometimes beer is the best meal of the day.

I'm into it.

Where's the green? 

I like the casual lunch beer. 

I see. I steal. 

WHAT? we got Dippin Dots! No fair! 

Taste the Rainbow.

I can't remember what I sent...

Points to anyone that can bring me that mug. 

In Julian, dreams are baked here. 
So is meth. 

You're welcome! 

Can you Irish Exit on the bill tho?

and it is beautiful.

Another casual lunch beer.  This is a sign that I need more casual lunch beers in my future. 

NEVER EVER TOO EARLY FOR ANYTHING! If there is one takeaway from being an adult is that you can do whatever the fuck you want.  Don't let anyone tell you cookies aren't appropriate breakfast foods because they are. They are perfect.

I've been craving Cuban food for a while. 

Sometimes, too may options is a bad thing. Sonics I'm looking at you.

=Let's party.

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