Thursday, September 22, 2016

This Week in SnackChat

You may be thinking to yourself, holy shit she lives.  Well it's true.  I live to tell another installment of This Week in SnackChat!   You can Snap at me or find my SnapChat stories! I am @log.lady.

 Went the Eggslut in Vegas and the people behind me were complaining like it was the worst line ever! Well, to all the line haters I say, at least you were not in LA because I assure you that on a Saturday at 11:30am, this line was nothing compared to the one in LA. Also you are in line for a restaurant called Eggslut.  Yeah they might have something else but you got in line fully knowing what this meal would probably entail.  Also two parties in front of me were dudes from probably New York drinking from a bottle of Hennessy. It was 11:300am. VEGAS!!!!

 I checked my watch and yes. It is indeed nacho time.

Literal Brunch

I love Cuban food. 

We all love meat balls.

Punch Drunk.


Like cows and chickens and dolphins.  

Take that back, dolphins are not cute.

 I love whatever is going on here.

Probably good! I need to step up my chip game.

Looks legit.

Brunchfast of champions.

Food of my people. Forever.

 Major snaps for the homemade mallows.

I mean they could have said Szechuan chili flavor and it would have been fine.  No need for the chicken. 



Milk milk, lemonade.

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