Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Week in SnackChat

Welcome this This Week in SnackChat!  I love it when my friends send Snaps of their food. So I take screencaps, and post them up for the Internet to see!  What's that you say, you want to send me foods?  (Yes, I am calling food Snaps, aka SnackChats, aka foods) Snap at me! @log.lady

Wanna see what everyone ate? 

Best place in the world

Looks about right

I want! 

I read this as, pig in bread pillows with green things. Pig tubes with cheese corn grains. 

 So healthy!

I miss you.

Nothing sounds better at 82 degrees.

Truffled ocean chicken breast mac n cheese. #imalobsterhater

Super cute! Still would not eat it.


 Sweet dreams are made of these.

Killed dem tacos.

Come to find out after taking about three slices and closer inspection, they were artichokes.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't listed in the menu. 

 After a few bites and closer inspection, they were raisins. Or plums. Or grapes. Or sausage. Still figuring it out.

It's saving a dish to be washed. So I am all in on eating in the pan.

Saving that money.

Always. Forever.

aka Miami Vice.

At 5:45am? Dinner for breakfast.

God: I hate it when you curse me name, but Me DAMN! That looks good.

Pho puns are the greatest.

Cheez Its are the gourmetest of them all. 

Half ass roll.

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