Friday, October 23, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

  Time to pop bottles and eat hot dogs because the new emojis are out!  Now you can express, "I want a taco" without actually writing it. 

As always, you too can be a contributor to This Week in SnackChat. How? If you got SnackChat, Snap at me, log(dot)lady.  I don't take screencaps of stories unless you tell me to. 

Keeping it classy with the paper plate. Keeping it sassy with real fork.  I like your style.

Mrs. Renfro's Salsa keeping it hot with the ghost pepper.  I wonder how Mr. Renfro feels about the Mrs. spreading her love around.

From Lola's.  Looks good to me.  But will it make your poop green tho? 

 More like meal! 


Support your local jerker.  Is that the proper term for someone that makes beef jerky? 

Ending this Snap right and tite. 

Happy Fryday! 

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