Friday, October 9, 2015

Snack Machine

I'm just a snack machine
And I won't work for nobody but you (yeah baby)
I'm just a snack machine
A chew'n and a eatin' fiend

Here we are, hockey is back!  More importantly, LA Kings hockey is back.  I'm beaming with excitement!

This season, we decided that we are not going to partake in the concessions at Staples Center.  I mean, one can only eat so many $8 garlic fries. When I say, eat so many, I mean NEVER.  All last season our section 328 neighbors would eat garlic fries. I love garlic, but I think they use a bottled preminced garlic.  So when it hits the hot fries the smell of stale garlic, topped with green bottle Parmesan create this feet like smelling concoction that is very unappetizing.  I have never eaten them because of this. It is also expensive. And once you've paid $12 for nachos you curse the moment the nacho cheese burns your lips. So our season goal, is to try to sneak in as many different snacks as possible into Staples to supplement the dinner that we've eaten in the car. 

Here is the current plan: (This is a work in progress)

The app Fanpics allows you to check into your seats at Staples and throughout the game they take paparazzi-like pictures of you. See example below from last nights game:

What we are laughing about, who knows! 

So the plan is to have Fanpics take my picture with the snacks that I snuck in. I'm going to try to go big.  Here is the current wishlist of snacks I want to sneak in:

Family Size Flaming Hot Cheeto Puffs
A dill pickle 
Twin Pack Of Old Dutch Ketchup Chips 
A sausage sandwich and fries from Wurstkuche
dried squid
Bulgogi Tacos from Kogi
A turkey leg
2 - 12 inch bahn mi sandwiches from Lee's
An entire Hot and Ready Pizza from Little Caesars

You get the picture. I've already snuck in the Squid peanuts, so I'm basically professional. It's easy.  Hold hockey jersey in arm with snacks hidden inside. DONE! Easy peazy.

So here it is, the master plan. This snack machine can't be stopped unless security does.  Don't tell Staples Center and follow me on the various social media to see how this pans out! 

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  1. Let me know if you need me to bail you out of hockey jail. 😜