Wednesday, April 15, 2015

here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy...and turkey legs.

If there is one underrated food in Disneyland, it is the turkey leg.  Located in Frontierland right by the Mark Twain River boat.  Probably not the best deal in the park and probably not one of Disney's most iconic, the turkey leg stands alone (pun intended).  I mean you can get Mickey chicken nuggs with fries and a drink so why get the turkey leg?  It is portable, to a certain point. It can get bony and pretty messy. They are also gigantic! Like unreal gigantic. It is also available in one location.  So if you have a craving for one, and you just got off the Autopia, you gotta haul ass all the way to Frontierland. Past all the strollers and all the churros. By the time you get the Main Street you end up in line for a corn dog with churros in hand. Yes, churros.

The funny thing is that I don't eat much turkey these days. But have you eaten a turkey leg from Disneyland? They are super juicy and they taste like ham.  It's so weird.  Turkey legs are best consumed with yellow mustard. Mustard that is not dispensed near the stand. You have to get at the restaurant across the way.

 On my most recent trip out the the magic land, I didn't get one.  But I do love the idea of turkey legs. So after Star Tours and exiting though the gift shop I stumbled across the food shaped magnet section.  In the basket was Mickey head shaped waffle, the Mickey head ice cream, a churro and the turkey leg.  Yes, the lonely turkey leg! It was like seeing the under dog win. So I bought one and parked it in my front overall pocket.

If you follow me on SnapChat, you might have seen the turkey leg adventures posted in my story but if you don't, I'm sorry.  It was a fantastic story. (username: log.lady)  It was a  like Girl Eat World, but with magnetic turkey leg and in Disneyland.

Hey there mister whale, you want a bite?

Tea Cup Ride gangster.

Turkey wanted front row at the submarine ride.

Stormtrooper, want a bite?

This might have been the first appearance of the turkey leg in California Adventure.

I know what would make this picture better. A turkey leg.

Turkey leg in nature.
It's so pretty. The turkey leg that is.

Home sweet microwave.

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