Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy #31

This last weekend marked my 31st year of life.  It kicked off with a Kings game.  It was an amazing win but sadly it was bittersweet. This might have been the last time we sit in our beloved Section 328 seats 3, 4 and 5 and the last time I see this view. It doesn't look like we will renew our season tickets but we will see....

Then after the game it was off to see Furious 7. It was sad.  If I was a week out from my period it would have been much worse, emotion wise.   It was action packed, two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine family fun. (Clueless reference alert)

Friday,  Petit Tois.
 It was so rich in flavor.  I also ate about six eggs on Friday. We got the Lardon salad, French onion soup and the omelette. DUH! 

 It's so beautiful!  The butter was so good.  I wanted to steal it.

What I love is the the location is so unassuming. 
Dranks! To wait out traffic we hung out in Culver City with some friends. Karaoke happened, so did Dear John's and the next morning I watched baby otter videos on Youtube all morning.  I also had the quickest DMV visit of all time.  In at 12:30pm out and home by 1:00pm. BOOM! 
The actual day of my birthday started at the Carlsbad Flower Fields.  So pretty and to think, it is just off the 5! It almost seemed tourist trappy, because you exited to an Armstrong Garden Center. 

 My book come in a day early!

Filipino tradition is to eat Pansit. Long noodles equals long life.  I've watched my mom make this a few times now, but I'm not as confident.  So I made something that I know how to make, Lugaw aka Arroz Caldo aka rice porridge.  I have a little trick up my sleeves. I make crispy garlic but mix it with black garlic. It takes it up a level.  I also serve it with radish, green onion, and since I didn't have any fresh pepper, I used a Thai chili that was sitting in my Thai chili infused vinegar.  Again, it was next level.

I got this guy from a coworker.  It was the most beautiful thing ever! It was from Bottega Louis.

I don't feel any older but I didn't puke in my bed this time.  I feel like I've growns ups. 

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