Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Win, Lose or Draw

Saturday is usually the day I do my long runs and Shane goes out to the pool. This is our normal Saturday morning.  I know, so boring.  But I've got goals! Anyways, I was so proud of this brunch we had on Saturday that I wanted to share the recipe.

Oh yeah, instead of writing about it, I drew it out this morning. It was also made with stuff I had laying around the fridge.  The brunch menu is as follows: 

Sweet potato and leek soup. I added some ham, freezer peas, and goat cheese.   I also added roasted orange bell pepper.
 Smoked Salmon sandwich with a cucumbers and radishes with a Greek yogurt, goat cheese, fennel and dill spread. 
A mixed green salad with a queef of lemon and sunflower seeds.

I particularly loved the spread on the sandwich because it had the tang of creme fraiche but without actually buying it.  It was a pat yo self on the back moment. I never want to buy creme fraiche again.

It was perfect for a Saturday morning/afternoon at home, especially when you are eagerly awaiting for the rain to come. BTW, it didn't but it was still exactly what we needed and wanted as we had to use up food in the refrigerator.   

You might be thinking is that Hello Kitty on that piece of toast. Yes. Yes it is. I own a Hello Kitty toaster.  It was one of my first kitchen appliances I received as a gift.  The husband kinda hates it. But I really love it.  I thought about replacing it but I was talked out of it...by the husband. I think it's growing on him.  

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