Thursday, March 26, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

 Finally catching up! You might be thinking, "Bitch, finally." I know, you're right.  It's been a travel heavy Mid-March.  I'm finally caught up and its the end of the month. Guh!  Well,  here are your SnackChats friends!

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When I am not travelling for work, I am at work. Eating sad salads.  

A little too green for me.  Like Troll 2 green.

Dude, football is over. Oh what?


Then what is it?

The one thing I wanted to make this year for Patty's Day was corned beef and cabbage. 

What does it all mean?

Me too. 

Cheers for Beers!  Name of my cover band that only covers Tears for Fears songs. 

I get a text message on Sunday that reads: 

Message: Where can I get some rice porridge? I'm hurting.
Me: That Cambodian Spot

And then this SnackChat later.  King Taco hits the spot sometimes.

The mashed potatoes look like a giant ball of butter.  Which is probably how it tasted. 

Look out Dominique Ansel might send a cease and desist. 

SnackChat of champions.

Der Mud Butt.

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