Friday, September 29, 2017

This Week in SnackChat

 Oh hello!  It is that time again for This Week in SnackChat.  I have a new bunch of snacks and not so snacks to feed your FOMO or in this case, FOMOOF, or to answer your question, yes, everyone is eating with you. 

Best fries in Long Beach.  If someone wants to sponsor me I can get a trophy made for the Pike.

But was it broiled?!? 

I don't see the beans.

Same. But I think my luck is about to change 

Small side of salsa with eggs benedict? I think that is a first.   

I love Solvang so much. 

Reese's stuffed with the Pieces is the best thing to ever happen! While other candies will try to spice things up by changing the chocolate Reese's is like nah. We'll just add an even better candy to an already awesome candy and I think we'll be fine.

Can we all hang out with Tia Trini! 


Legit looking bagel sandwich. 

I can't see the sandwich. Is it a Magic Eye? 


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