Friday, June 23, 2017

This Last Month in SnackChat

Whoa! Someone forgot to post!  By the time you read this I will probably be on a plane out to good ole Grass Valley for a wedding.  It seems like May was pretty much nonexistent as a month and poof it is nearly the end of June! It seems as if SnacpChat is loosing some steam thanks to Instagram stories but I am going to ride this wave.  SnapChat screenshots forever!!

fYou know where to find me: @log.lady

and now, your SnackChats

All the cheese puffs float down here Georgie.

Looks like they're baby gators.

I think this is how virus movies become real life

Always suck the head.
Hey YO!

It's all about presentation.


You're weird.

Maybe Chicken?

Love me a good bagel.


God Bless EJ's.  It's my JJs Diner.

But eating everything

Probably missed the screenshot for part 2. My bad.

just like the gummies, we all bounce back

You gotta warm the wiener...It better told in a GIF

Limited Edition tho.

If this were Salem witch trial times, I would have you tried.

Shredded iceberg for life!


Even the salads are big!

Are you referring to the night before or after the burger was consumed?

That's a little excessive on the belly 

Corn is a vegetable tho.

Love me a good bagel!

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