Friday, April 14, 2017

This Week in SnackChat

Let's play catch up shall we!  Let's see, I turned one year older.  I didn't puke the bed this year and I threw a pretty awesome brunch party.  Not much really.  I head out to Austin in a week and I'm pretty excited!  

And now, your SnackChats! 

It will make you feel better about yourself.

BFast burrito life. 

 Love Starling. 


The golden age of candy. Remember the time when the only sour candy option was worms? Boy have we evolved. 

As you should be! That Bitmoji predicting the future. Yup, it's poop again. 

That green smoothie, So. Good!  

Eastside represent with them scrambles. 

So pretty! 

The perfect snacks. 

I feel if you put plantains on anything, it makes a meal Cuban.   

Salad season. 

My grains. 

I feel like I used to own that plate at one point in my life.  It may be burnt but it was probably good. 

My fave dish at Roe in Long Beach.  I couldn't believe how there was so much flavor in the lentils.  

But can you Google the recipe? Not a pancake fan, but sometimes when you're starving all you need is some fucking French Toast. 

Or a cavity. 

When I ate avocado, my Potholder order was as follows:
Super Spuds with a side of sourdough toast add avocado, no sour cream. 
Then I would take the avocado, smear it on the toast and add pepper. Yeah, I ate avocado toast in college.

Love komboucha! It's a secret way to get a small buzz while you're at work. #lifehack

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