Sunday, May 22, 2016

This Week in SnackChat

It is that time, when I show the world your SnackChats! But first I guess I should catch you up on some of life.  Let's see....

I started to take spin classes and training starts for the LB Marathon soon.  I have bunch of videos lined up and posts too!  Stay turned, scouts honor! 

You're telling me.

New meaning to Snapchatting Noods.  AMIRITE?

There is no such thing as bad pizza.

Cute food!

Still waiting for mine.

KBB is the best!

New meaning to BYOB.


 I kinda want some boba tea.  It's been a while and I don't have a boba buddy.

The BEST burrito in town.

Don't threaten me with a good time.

 A true before and after.

 Slurp Slurp.
Making the fast all worth it. 

All day sauce is almost a lost art. Not too many people have Sunday sauce.  

My mom made me a sandwich almost everyday I was in school. 


Costco is Hawaii is the best.

Taco Tuesday.

You're a jerk


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