Thursday, February 4, 2016

Eating Out Loud

The Million Dollar Theater in DTLA is amazing.  It reminds me of the theater that the Von Trap Family Singers preformed in near the end of the Sound of Music. It was dark and cold, and creepy.  Then I Googled Million Dollar Theater and the first search result is "million dollar theater haunted." Oh good.

I bought tickets for Eating Out loud in December.  I patiently waited for this day to come like a little girl waits for Christmas, and it finally came.  The readings and performances were really good and very inspiring.  Made me want to be a better writer more than anything. Sorry the pictures suck, but you know iPhones and I was too busy listening!

I made a little video too! Look up, it's there!  I didn't take many pictures or longer videos because you know, I was too busy eating! DUH!  Well, the lines were long so the amount of drinking was in greater proportion to the eating.  The chef line up that night at Grand Central market was like the 1996 Dream Team.  I know everyone likes 1992 but whatever. It was a great night of good food and long lines but it was all worth it in the end.

"But little fish eat sharks in Tokyo."- David Chang

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