Friday, November 20, 2015

Sqirl x Lucky Peach

I was very lucky and happy to have made the drive all the way to Silverlake to go to the Onigiri Party at Sqirl Away.  It was to celebrate the new Lucky Peach Book 101 Easy Asian Recipes with Peter Meehan.  I ate a bunch rice balls and I got my book signed.  But I think the way he signed my book was pretty epic.  It mean's a lot when someone takes the time to sign each book personally and I totally love my book even more because it is MINE now. 

PS.  To the right of Peter Meehan was Kim Gordon. It was like, "Eizelle be cool."    I was double buggin.  I realized that we have one thing in common, we both have out 101 Easy Asian Recipes signed by Peter Meehan. And we will always have that. Until she gives/donates her book. But until then we have that.


I was overwhelmed with inspiration. Sqirl made Spam? Drawings?  I mean, I was in a room with Jessica Koslow, Kim Gordon and Peter Meehan. How could you not?  

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