Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eating Out Redondo Beach Pier

The Redondo beach Pier is nothing short of amazing. There is Russian bar that serves hot dogs and Bud Lime and lists Russian and Lithuanian beers on their menu.  But when you order them it is out if stock and probably has been for 2 years but it's okay, because it adds to the charm. 
The main event, of course, are the live sea creatures inhabiting the tanks in the far end end of the pier. Local crabs, clams, and urchins all line the walkway as people from all across the greater South Bay gather to take their pick of what they feel is the best of the best. But we all know, the lady crabs are the best. Why? Back fat and her eggies stuffed inside her carapace that's why. While they offer less meat in the arms they offer more on the inside. I'm a quality over quantity type of girl and I'm Asian. 
There is an extensive menu of northern Pacific and Atlantic oysters and a line of willing shuckers waiting to take your piece of paper with your picks. 
On this trip,naturally, opted for the lady crab. I got her steamed and named her Mallory because I beat her with a mallot with no remorse. She was a tasty beast. Thank you Mallory for letting me eat your lovely back fat and future little crabs. After beating and eating, we hit the churros. HARD! Because that is what you do to end your day at the Redondo Beach Pier. 

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